Without financial means LICHT IM OSTEN (LIGHT IN THE EAST) cannot pursue its many and varied ministries. Our entire work is funded solely by donations, for which we can make out a donation receipt. With your gift you actively and directly take a part in our ministry to the people of Russia, Eastern Europe and central Asia.

For this, various options are available:

The simplest way is to donate here on our website, just once or regularly. For an online donation you can choose between SEPA direct debit, PayPal, instant bank transfer and credit card.

Of course you can also make a bank transfer from your account.

Our bank details:
Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg
IBAN DE53 6045 0050 0009 9533 30

Transfer forms can also be found in our LICHT IM OSTEN magazine and in our regular LICHT IM OSTEN newsletters.

For general use or earmarked

By supporting LICHT IM OSTEN with a donation for general use, you give us the flexibility to use your gift where it is needed most, within the authorised budget. But of course you can also give for one of our projects, naming the project and its project No. Please enter this clearly as transfer reference. Your gift will then be earmarked for the project you have chosen.
Should more donations than necessary be received for a certain project, these donations will be used for a different statutory purpose included in the authorised budget for the current year, unless the donor has explicitly ruled this out.

Donation receipt

We are certified by the Finanzamt Leonberg as being a registered charitable association (St.Nr. 70054/04744) and are thus entitled to issue donation receipts, enabling you to deduct your donation from your taxable income.
You automatically receive a receipt for donations of 20 € and above.
To enable us to issue a donation receipt, please give us with your online donation or bank transfer your first and last name as well as your full address and, if applicable, your supporter ID.

Donations on a special occasion

Do you have a celebration, an anniversary or a special occasion coming up (e.g. a milestone birthday, wedding anniversary, company jubilee, a funeral)? If you want to use this occasion to support a blessed ministry, you are welcome to assist us with a donation on a special occasion.
Prior to the occasion you can let your guests/friends know of your intention. For the project you have chosen we are glad to provide you with compact information which you can, for example, include with your invitation.
Should they be interested, your guests/friends can make their donation straight to us. We then write to thank them, and include a donation receipt.


It is also possible to name LICHT IM OSTEN as beneficiary of a legacy.
If you have at some time considered this und would like to know how to appoint LICHT IM OSTEN as beneficiary of a legacy, please contact the the Mission Director, Rev. Johannes Lange. All relevant points can then be talked over confidentially.

Interest-free loan

In life there are sometimes situations in which a sum of money is available which is not needed for a certain period of time. Should you be in such a fortunate position and want to do something good with this money, you can support us with an interest-free loan. You can learn about the basic contract parameters for such an interest-free loan from the Mission Director, Rev. Johannes Lange.