What we do

Countries and regions

Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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Who we reach

The gospel is equally valid for all people, no matter what their skin colour, background or sex: children and young people, senior citizens, families, the blind, Christians who are persecuted or under pressure, peoples without the gospel, refugees, immigrant workers, emigrants

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Literature, magazines and media

Distributing the Bible and Christian literature is one of our most important and biggest concerns:
Bibles, books, magazines, music, digital media, radio

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Community support projects

Aid for refugees, ethics classes, learning instead of begging, the House of Hope, help for the blind, humanitarian aid transports, the bread of life, Christmas boxes

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Personal support for missionaries

LICHT IM OSTEN (LIGHT IN THE EAST) supports indigenous missionaries who know the culture and the language of the people they want to serve.

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Humanitarian aid transport

Practical aid on a personal level in Eastern Europe and Ukraine

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Strengthening faith

As well as inviting people to faith, it is also important to strengthen existing faith. The more so as faith needs deep roots.

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LICHT IM OSTEN wants to bring unforgettable joy to the lives of children, senior citizens and families in the midst of their need.