LICHT IM OSTEN (LIGHT IN THE EAST) wants to bring unforgettable joy to the lives of children, senior citizens and families in the midst of their needs.
That is why they launched the initiative A GIFT BOX FILLED WITH LOVE some twenty years ago. Since then the missionary society and relief organisation has taken over 20,000 Christmas boxes to Russia, Eastern Europe and central Asia every year.

The LICHT IM OSTEN Christmas initiative brings light and hope to children, families and senior citizens in need in Russia, Eastern Europe and central Asia. Their dismal day-to-day life is shaped by worries and the lack of basic essentials. The little money available is often just enough for rent and running costs, leaving hardly anything to live on.

Our partner organisations in the East organise Christmas events with great care and attention, first and foremost in children's homes, schools, homes for the handicapped, hospitals and homes for the elderly, or they go straight to those in need. There they distribute Christmas boxes which individuals or groups in Germany have prepared and packed following our guidelines for packing. They are then collected in Korntal before being forwarded to the East, where they tell of God's love and of a living hope through faith in Jesus Christ.