Aid for senior citizens

Basic support for under-served senior citizens in crisis areas


In Eastern Europe a degrading life often starts at the age of retirement. Pensions amounting to the equivalent of 150.-- Euro are not nearly enough to lead anything approaching a normal life, and even the pensioners' children seldom have an income which is adequate to support and provide for the older generation. And if they then suffer infirmity or illness, these people equally have no hope of a normal life without the prospect of outside assistance.

For many people the struggle for survival begins in old age. Those who can do so try to earn a little extra. For most of the elderly the world is, however, reduced to a few pitifully furnished square metres, and they are frequently left alone with their often bitter past and their daily problems.

The project

Our local partners want to comprehensively meet the material and emotional needs of the elderly in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In Ukraine
For years our Mission in Kiev has been giving the elderly food parcels and clothing, as well as wheel chairs, walking frames and walking sticks. The staff endeavour to put the elderly in touch with local churches through which they can be given further support and come into contact with others.

In Bulgaria
Once a month the Mission's staff attend the meetings of self-help groups for handicapped senior citizens, encouraging those who have come. They also run a soup kitchen for needy senior citizens, they support people in homes for the elderly by supplying relief items, and taking the time for a personal conversation about life, the Bible and God.

In Russia
Our partner mission in North Ossetia is currently assisting 450 elderly people in the "Bread of Life" project. The support consists of a monthly food parcel containing the most essential items. Each one is delivered personally by one of the mission's staff members. Thanks to this project, many senior citizens not only lead a better life, they also no longer feel so alone and helpless. Once a month they meet up in the "Nadezhda" Church in Vladikavkaz,  where they drink tea together and enjoy singing and talking with one another.

Response to the project

"I have not had a visit from my children and grandchildren for over two years. They just brought me here and forgot me."
A woman in Bulgaria when a member of our staff visited her

"You are the first people to visit us in our home for years."
A resident of an old people's home 150 km von Sofia


Project costs: approx. 36,000 € per year
for the costs of storing relief items, transport, foodstuffs and medical material
The programme is funded exclusively by donations.