Ethics classes

Before young people get caught in a trap: sex education and passing on Christian values


The Republic of Moldova is today rated as one of the poorest countries in Europe. The economic situation in the country has been over-strained for years, and high unemployment and a lack of perspective are prevalent. The seemingly hopeless situation makes the younger generation especially easy prey for organised crime.

The Republic of Moldova has for some years been placed first in European statistics for forced under-age prostitution. Little is done by the state either to prevent or combat this, or regarding the dangers of smoking, alcohol abuse and drugs. On the contrary, advertising campaigns for tobacco and alcoholic beverages can be seen everywhere. Every year an increasing number of people die of liver cirrhosis or of a drug overdose, most of them not yet 35 years old.

The project

Since 2004, a key project of our partner LIGHT IN THE EAST Moldova has been teaching ethics classes at state schools. Every year seven team members instruct more than 25,000 students and 150 teachers on the threats posed to young people by drug and alcohol abuse, the dangers of aids and human trafficking, which is escalating fast. At the same time the young people and their teachers also learn that the Christian faith provides a basic set of values for effective prevention and orientation.

Many of the students are not aware of the direct threat posed by these risks, and are very grateful for comprehensive and professional sex education. Official departments do little regarding prevention and information, which is why the ethics classes are so important.

Reponse to the project

"I am convinced of the importance of this work. It should be carried out on as large a scale as possible for all children, parents and teachers. As far as I can see, the results are very good. When the children leave the class, they talk things over together for quite a while, sharing their views. I have not seen anyone who is opposed to what they have heard. On the contrary. This is why I should like to thank you for this important work."
A teacher

"The classes at school make me think, not only about my life, but also about the life of the people closest to me, about my health, about how I can protect my body. When I talk to other kids from school, they are also affected by what they have heard. So thanks a lot, and keep up the good work!"
A student


Costs of the Programme: 17,000 € per year
for teachers' pay and travel expenses and for the cost of teaching materials and visual aids.
The programme is funded exclusively by donations.