What we do in Germany

Producing literature

Whilst our LICHT IM OSTEN (LIGHT IN THE EAST) partner organisations carry out locally the specific mission work in the individual countries of the east, we as LICHT IM OSTEN Germany consider it essential to provide them with basic tools for an evangelistic ministry: Bibles, magazines and books. Thus the editorial offices of the Russian-language magazines FAITH AND LIFE and TROPINKA are located here. These magazines also serve as a basis for the corresponding issues in other languages. The editors in other countries use either almost all of the magazine (as is the case with the German TROPINKA, which is also produced here) or a great deal of articles, adjusting them to fit in with the culture of their country.

The central editorial office for publishing books is also located here in Korntal.  An editorial committee with representatives from several of the countries in which we work, confers together about which books should be published. Here the committee ensures on the one hand that the topics are those the local partners see a need for, and on the other that the books meet a good standard regarding  contents and focus on the Holy Scriptures.

One of our co-workers from Moldova writes about the children's magazines which she takes to many children's homes as follows: "Thousands of chldren who have never known parental love and care can in this way read about God in different parts of our country. For them, the word of Christ is comfort and joy and their only hope." She continues, "The Bibles and books we receive from Germany are also such a great blessing, nourishment for spiritual rebirth and spiritual growth for a great deal of people."

Supporting leaders spiritually

Another importang ministry of LICHT IM OSTEN Germany is encouraging and supporting spiritually the leaders and missionaries of our partner organisations.

We are in frequent contact with them and visit them. Every second year, we organise a meeting which the leaders of all partner organisations attend, sharing encouraging experiences that they have made in their personal relationship with Christ and in their ministry.

Our annual mission conferences in Korntal and the tours visiting mission friends in Germany, which our missionaries are in turn invited to, are a further important element for their encouragement: Here they see with their own eyes the friends who support them with their prayers and donationations, and meet up with them personally.

Organising relief aid

Time and again, certain items of equipment are also required for our partners' ministries.  These things are often easier and cheaper to buy in Germany than outside the country.  We collect items of relief aid in Korntal and organise the transport to the east so that our missionaries can provide practical and tangible assistance locally. Our transport and logistics colleagues are responsible for this, and in this way we can support our co-workers out on the mission field. Of course our large-scale Christmas initiative A GIFT BOX FILLED WITH LOVE is part of this support.

Sharing with friends

And then we as LICHT IM OSTEN Germany of course have one more very important ministry on your behalf, dear friends of our mission. The work in the east is a heartfelt concern of yours, and we enable you to take an active part in it. A friend of the mission once said, "I am thrilled to be part of this great flow of blessing that God sends." And so we inform you in our publications and the newsletters of our missionaries about what our great God is doing through the ministry of our missionaries and partner organisations. We send you prayer requests, so that you can pray for specific needs, and we ensure that through your financial contributions, which we manage faithfully, you can be part of spreading the Gospel in the east in word and deed. For this please accept our heartfelt thanks - without you all this would not be possible!

Prayer requests

for God's guidance when publishing literature and for spiritual fruit for those who read it.

for wisdom to properly support and encourage our partners.

that we can supply our partners well with relief aid and items of equipment.

that we might receive sufficient donations for all the ministries that we, together with our partners, see
     ourselves called to.