Situation in the country

Lithuania is a central European Baltic state bordering on Latvia, Belarus, Poland and on the Russian exclave Kaliningrad Oblast. Lithuania's population of approx 2.8 m includes several ethnic minorities: Poles, Russians, Belarussians and Ukraines. Although Lithuania is a member of the EU and of the Euro Area, many people live below subsistence level. Hopelessness, alcoholism and broken families are prevalent. According to the WHO, Lithuania ranks a sad third on the suicide rating scale.

The only Devil Museum in the world is in the Lithuanian town of Kaunas. In Lithuanian folk songs the devil has always played a notable part. Innumerable songs, fairy tales or stories include devil-like characters.

89 % of the population are traditional Catholics, but only 5-10 % practice their faith. There are about 4 % Orthodox Christians, approx. 1 % belong to a Protestant church and only 0.02 % are Evangelicals.

What we do in Lithuania

Through media to people

Our aim is to take the Gospel to all Lithuanians. For this major target we use all the media available to us, producing and distributing Christian literature ourselves and holding evangelistic meetings. At the moment, 16 people are working full-time in our mission.

Ministry to children

We want children to have the chance to grow up with a good focus on values, and so issue the children's magazine "The little Evening Star" including a CD, with 5,000 copies per issue. Every week a radio programme is also based on this. Furthermore we organise meetings and outings to various districts, and we take part in several town festivals, offering our material for children on our stand.

Publishing and distributing the magazine LIVING SOURCES for adults

(supported by "Christians help Christians")

This is issued four times a year with 7,000 copies each and is distributed in prisons, hospitals, in homes and clubs for the elderly, in 1,300 libraries and at evangelistic events.

Publishing Christian literature

(supported by "Christians help Christians")

Every year we bring out about two to four books by well-known authors such as Charles Stanley, Rick Warren, John Piper, Max Lucado etc.  The books are available at church book tables, Christian book shops, at events and through the internet.

The radio station XFM

Our radio station broadcasts round the clock on short wave in Lithuania's five largest cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Sialiai, Panevezys) and two more towns (Kedainiai, Birzai). About 50 % of Lithuania's population live within transmitting range. Every week we produce 25 different radio broadcasts for various age groups: children, young people, families, married couples. The listener hears personal accounts of faith, sermons and contemporary Christian music, discussions, announcements, an insight into culture and press reviews.

Evangelistic events

Here the Christian music festival "Sielosâ" (souls) must be mentioned, the place for young people and contemporary music. The festival takes place in a different town every year. About 40 different groups and artists take part who perform the songs they have written themselves and share their faith with everyone listening. Every year about 2,000 people come to this festival.


At Christmas we take the Christmas parcels from LICHT IM OSTEN (LIGHT IN THE EAST) to people living in homes for children and for the elderly as well as to rehabilitation centres where we pass on the good news of the Saviour's birth, bringing joy to those living there.

Prayer requests

for the editors of the 25 radio programmes, that they might find interesting topics centred on Christ
     and good discussion partners.

for the editors of our magazine GYVIEJI ŠALTINIAI (LIVING SOURCES), that our team members might
     write articles which communicate the Gospel to our readers, who then find their way to Christ.

for the project "Mission LT 100". May God open the doors to many towns.

that the Lord might give us the volunteers he has called. The doors for sharing the Gospel are wide
     open in Lithuania, but we do not have enough co-workers.