The Bible, the word of God, is the most important book in the world. In it God reveals Himself to mankind. When reading the Bible, the reader can get to know God the Creator and His son Jesus Christ and recognize why he needs Jesus Christ to reconcile himself with God. The word of God discloses the will of God, leads us into fellowship with God and brings peace to the hearts of those who read the Bible regularly.

Especially in countries in which the word of God was long (or still is) forbidden the greatest thing is for a Christian to possess his own Bible. In such a huge country as Russia it is not so easy to get hold of a Bible. It is not possible to just drive to the nearest town and buy one. Someone in the extreme east of Russia must for example drive over 3000 km to purchase a Bible in a large town, und even then this book is also very expensive. Most people cannot afford to do this. That is why distributing Bibles has top priority for us.

We print and distribute the Bible in various editions: the entire Bible or the New Testament or single books of the Bible, large and handy-size editions and children's Bibles. LICHT IM OSTEN (LIGHT IN THE EAST) has undertaken in meticulous detail a moderate revision of the official Russian synodic Bible translation. We use this revised text for our own Bibles and also make it available to other publishers for them to print.

We are extremely glad that time and time again other organisations print Bibles together with us, enabling us to print higher numbers at a better price. We are equally grateful for the long-standing, trustful cooperation with numerous other publishers who enable us to translate and publish various books (e.g. children's Bibles) in the languages of the countries we work in.