The magazine FAITH AND LIFE was first printed in 1974 and has adults in mind. With 96,000 copies per edition it reaches over half a million people, as according to a survey each magazine is read by about six people. People from all classes of society can be found amongst its readers, from prison inmates to priests from the Orthodox church. FAITH AND LIFE is a magazine valued and recognised across the denominations which deals with contemporary issues of faith and life. FAITH AND LIFE is THE Christian magazine for adults in the Slavic world with enormous significance - both for its readers and for our ministry.

The magazine appears six times a year, is normally provided free of charge and is also available on the internet as an online edition. Apart from Russian there is also a Ukrainian edition. In Bulgaria it has become PROSOREZ (window), and in Lithuania GYVIEJI SALTINIAI (living springs). In Kazakhstan there is also such a magazine.

FAITH AND LIFE can be ordered from us, or you can donate and make it available to an adult in the east. All editions can also be found in our archive.