TROPINKA-Children's Choir

Our partners in the Russian Caucasus, the North Ossetian Mission in Vladikavkaz, have been touring the Caucasus and neighbouring countries for over 15 years with the TROPINKA Children's Choir - small in size but great to hear!

The children's voices, crystal-clear and full of joy, sing of God's greatness and kindness, and with their music they transport hope to a diversity of people such as prison inmates, senior citizens, the ill and the handicapped as well as children and families.

The children's choir has repeatedly come to Germany to sing at meetings and make the ministry of LICHT IM OSTEN (LIGHT IN THE EAST) in Russia known here.

Musical at the annual TROPINKA Festival in Kiev, Ukraine

Every year, the LICHT IM OSTEN team in Ukraine puts on the TROPINKA Musical with great attention to detail and with enormous commitment. The song texts and the script, the score, the sets, the costumes and the choreography - all are the work of the team workers. Every year hundreds of children, some with their parents, and whole classes come to see the performances which take place at a large and renowned theatre in the centre of Kiev.

Central to the musical is always the clear message of the Gospel. Each musical deals with questions or situations from children's every-day life - wrapped up in a story. In the issues treated, "Tropinka", the main character, comes and gives useful help which is linked to the Gospel and unfolds this in a way children can understand.

Ukrainian Male-Voice Ensemble

Since 2010 we have had a very close and friendly relationship with a male-voice ensemble from Kiev in Ukraine. Accompanied by piano and guitar but also a cappella, the singers, varying in number from five to seven male voices, win us over with their powerful but nonetheless touching singing. In their songs they sing about the greatness of God and his merciful being.

The Male-Voice Ensemble regularly tours in Ukraine and even abroad to make known the work of LICHT IM OSTEN Ukraine and to win people over to pray for this ministry. The ensemble comes to Germany every year to visit churches here.

CD's of the Male-Voice Ensemble are available and can be ordered from us.