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The children's magazine TROPINKA was launched in 1990. It is now read by about 1.5 Mio readers in 65 countries, including many adults.

TROPINKA is the largest Christian children's magazine in Russia, Eastern Europe and central Asia. It covers a variety of evangelistic and value-oriented topics. Beside Biblical stories it contains biographies of Christian personalities, picture stories, things to know about creation, puzzles, instructions for handicrafts and games and many other things. Special attention is paid that the presentation of its contents is appropriate for children and based on the Bible. It is designed for children aged 6 - 12. The magazine is renowned for its clarity, intelligibility and versatility.

Besides readers' subscriptions, the magazine TROPINKA is also available in public libraries, is used by teachers in schools and is distributed at evangelistic and other events. We do not know what distance the magazine actually covers and how many hands each edition goes through. But we repeatedly receive post from people who come across a TROPINKA in the strangest of ways and then write telling us what TROPINKA means to them.

TROPINKA has led to various branches of the LICHT IM OSTEN ministry developing. For example, the annual TROPINKA Festival in Kiev, an evangelistic musical attended by hundreds of children and whole classes. Besides this there are evangelistic puppet theatres, painting classes, children's clubs and even a TROPINKA choir.

TROPINKA is published six times a year and is normally provided free of charge. An online edition is also available on the internet. TROPINKA is available in nine languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, German, Romanian, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Georgian and online in Uzbek.

You are welcome to order a TROPINKA or to donate for TROPINKA, so that a child in the east can be sent a TROPINKA. Many thanks! All editions can also be found in our archive (German and Russian).