Literature, magazines and media

Distributing the Bible and Christian literature is a key aspect of our work that we have given top priority. People come into contact with the Gospel through our literature. This also includes books and Bibles in the languages of smaller peoples and ethnic groups.

Even in times of digital media, the printed word continues to play a prominent role. But of course we also provide our literature in digital form on the internet, on the radio, as audio books or audio files.


We print Bibles in various languages of the east, thus giving people hope: complete Bibles, New Testaments, children's Bibles, in large and handy-size editions.

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The printed word still has enormous significance, although developments in the fields of media and communications are rapidly progressing. Especially in the eastern countries books play a significant role.

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Keeping up to date ... The LICHT IM OSTEN magazine is published four times a year. In it, we report from the ministry of our partner organizations and our missionaries in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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Our children's magazine TROPINKA has played a valuable and spiritually formative role in spreading the Gospel among children in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia for over 30 years. Many children as well as adults have been blessed through this magazine.

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Our magazine FAITH AND LIFE is a highly appreciated and recognized magazine across denominations, dealing with current issues of faith and life. FAITH AND LIFE is THE Christian magazine for adults in the Slavic region with an enormous significance.

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Digital media and radio

Technological innovations in the online and smartphone sectors have led to people changing their media behaviour - world-wide. We also make use of this potential. Radio mission takes the Gospel to the remotest areas and reaches many who are elderly and ill. The internet gives a multitude of people access to our literature online. For the blind we provide audio versions of our magazines and books.

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Music is a gift of God for praising Him and reaching people with the Good News.
God's greatness and love as well as the hope the Gospel brings are at the centre of the songs of the TROPINKA children's choir and Ukrainian mail-voice ensemble and also of the texts and songs of the TROPINKA musical in Kiev. The music is enjoyed by young and old.

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