Our mandate

"We consider ourselves to be called by Jesus Christ to promote, in trustful cooperation with our partners in the east, the spreading of His gospel throughout the peoples of Russia, Eastern Europe and central Asia by means of mass media and through indigenous missionaries, also supporting community-service projects carrried out in the spirit of Christ."

Overall concept of the missionary society LICHT IM OSTEN

Our activities can be directly derived from the Bible:

"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." Mark 16:15

LICHT IM OSTEN (LIGHT IN THE EAST) is a missionary society whose task is to proclaim the vital significance of Jesus Christ for the life and death of all people, and to bear witness to this in word and deed. It stands alongside churches in their missionary commitment and fulfills this task in close partnership with indigenous missionary societies and local churches. With regard to its plans and its work it is independent, committed to the gospel alone.

LICHT IM OSTEN was founded in 1920. Its sphere of activity focuses on the peoples and languages of Eastern Europe and central Asia and members of these races in other countries. In the course of the years, the missionary society has gained the trust of many churches through its work, and has thus created a tightly knit network of international relationships.

LICHT IM OSTEN supports first and foremost indigenous missionaries due to their knowledge of the language and cultural background. For special ministries, field workers with appropriate qualifications are deployed. The missionary society attaches great importance to missionaries' qualifications and their regular training. At the same time, their God-given creativity is respected and promoted.

LICHT IM OSTEN translates, publishes and distributes Christian literature such as books, magazines and faith courses in many languages spoken in these countries, especially in minority languages. Through radio broadcasts and other media such as audio materials and the internet, the gospel preached today is up-to-date, vibrant and present. LICHT IM OSTEN cares with Christian responsibility about the salvation and well-being of the people. The transport and distribution of relief-supply goods, as well as community-support projects, supplement the preaching of the good news of Jesus Christ.

LICHT IM OSTEN finances its work through voluntary donations and through collections of mission-minded churches and church groups. LICHT IM OSTEN founded in 2001 the Jakob-Kroeker-Stiftung (Jakob Kroeker Trust) a beneficiary trust which supports the work of the missionary society. In May 2011, the trust was renamed as the "LICHT IM OSTEN Förderstiftung für soziale, kulturelle und christliche Projekte in Russland, Osteuropa und Zentralasien" (LIGHT IN THE EAST beneficiary trust for social, cultural and Christian projects in Russia, Eastern Europe and central Asia).

LICHT IM OSTEN stands on the Basis of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance and is a member of national and international organisations and associations.